Classes I Teach

English 150

Critical Thinking and Communication
Application of critical reading and thinking abilities to topics of civic and cultural importance with an emphasis on the key principles of rhetoric. Introduction of basic oral, visual, and electronic communication principles to support writing development. The final student project is to draft an individual Communication Portfolio of each student’s growth as a communicator.

English 250

Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition
Analyzing, composing, and reflecting on written, oral, visual, and electronic (WOVE) discourse within academic, civic, and cultural contexts. Emphasis on supporting a claim and using primary and secondary sources. Continued development of communication portfolio.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Section: In this themed version of ENGL 250, students have the opportunity to develop 21st-century multimodal communication skills and practice creative collaboration and project-based learning. We’ll also explore innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets as well as design thinking approaches to creative problem-solving. The goal is to help you Design Your Life for personal growth and meaningful impact and to communicate effectively in a world in which Everything’s an Argument. Hopefully, this course will also help accelerate your progress on your own “hero’s journey,” so you can use your personal values and communication skills to create a better future for yourself and for the world.